I understand leadership can be a lonely, complex and noisy journey in our modern times.

As a coach, I meet leaders as whole human beings to drive clarity and unleash higher levels of performance in an era of unprecedented change and challenges. Each coaching design is custom-made to suit the individual's developmental goals. Together, we experiment with Eastern and Western leadership practices, mental models, new habits, and coaching tools. The end-goal is for leaders to thrive in the systems they're operating in, with less suffering and more joy.


Leadership books for Millennials

Meet Nancy.

Hi, my name is Nancy (she/her) and I am a senior leader and coach based in Europe. I have served on 7 senior leadership teams, worked directly with C-suite executives, and created healthy team cultures at fast-paced innovative companies (Nike, Google, scale-ups). As a coach, I integrate my operating experience with my coaching training to help leaders be a force for good in the world. As a Korean-Canadian-American living in Europe, I welcome clients from all corners of the world who want an inclusive and cross-cultural coach.


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