I help leaders and companies navigate the fast-changing world with a deeper sense of purpose, a strategic plan, and confidence.  We explore career planning, conscious leadership, and goals holistically.  The objective is to ultimately help you feel excited to get out of bed in the morning and the world a better place through your presence.


Hi, my name is Nancy (she/her) and I am a successful operator and leader with 13+ years at some of the world’s top companiesWhile developing a strong grasp of how to thrive in the current corporate game, I’ve also been dreaming about how corporate systems could look tomorrow.  I work with like-minded companies, founders and leaders who want to have a meaningful impact on the future of work to be hubs for inspiration, innovation, and inclusion.  What does this mean?  Inclusive “we” cultures, Self-directed career planning, conscious leadership, inclusive leadership development.


Together, we look at the areas where you feel stuck and design an alternative possibility that makes your heart sing.  This isn’t just an intellectual exercise; we roll up our sleeves to explore practices.  I blend mindfulness, integral development practices, real-world leadership skills,  parts work, and somatic exercises in a custom design meant to help you move towards your vision.  I welcome clients from diverse backgrounds and countries who want to work with a multi-cultural coach.



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Nancy creates a safe space for self-exploration, gently encouraging clients to identify what’s holding them back while designing and implementing healthy everyday practices. She is a deeply caring soul with an inherent recognition of the many factors contributing to an individual’s identity and challenges.

Alexandra Ostrow

Founder of WhyWhisper & COO
Erica Kim

Nancy has a gift for facilitating discussions that cultivate honest self-reflection and growth. She’s skilled at offering new perspectives and frameworks of thinking while creating safe spaces for folks of varying backgrounds to engage and be fully present with one another. Her Inner Confidence workshop is designed thoughtfully and delivered with care, and I am sincerely grateful for the experience.

Erica Kim, Ed.M

Director of Strategy, VisionPoint Marketing

My experience with the Millennial Executive coaching program was phenomenal! Nancy helped focus my growth and personal development. It was the perfect balance of accountability, challenge, and perspective. She helped give the outside perspective that grounded the work I had done and pushed me into areas and frameworks to help me continue on the right path of actualization.

Gene Lee, MBA

Director, Nike Digital Globalization Ops
Matt Abbott

A thoughtful and customized coaching engagement grounded in the client’s core needs, micro and macro. Nancy is present, prepared, and adaptive. She works simultaneously across multiple learning modalities, supporting video calls with notes, readings, and exercises.

Matt Abbott, MBA

Sustainability Development Manager, Alta Terra


Managing Your Body Budget

Managing Your Body Budget

Something that has come up a lot lately with my clients at every level of seniority has been the feeling of lacking balance in their lives. When this topic comes up, we inevitably end up talking about a concept called Body Budget (credit to Lisa Feldman Barrett,...

Questions for 2023

Questions for 2023

This post is inspired by “Foundations 1, 2, 3, 4” from Krista Tippett (Web | Apple | Spotify)   The predominant narrative of this year has been noticeably marked by catastrophe, dysfunction and antagonising the “other” side - and technology has poured jet fuel on...

How to Set Goals That Spark Joy

How to Set Goals That Spark Joy

If you walk into a room and ask 10 people what their personal goals are, chances are that 9 out of 10 of them will give you a To-Do List. Earning a certain amount of money, losing weight, getting promoted, buying a house, etc. When you press them on why and get to the...