I help growth-minded high-performers to navigate their career growth, leadership style and work environment with more purpose, alignment with their values, and ease.  The goal is to ultimately help you feel more fulfilled and the world a better place through your presence.


Hi, my name is Nancy (she/her) and I help growth-minded high-performers feel more fulfilled and balanced in their work and life.  Whether you are struggling with anxiety, imposter syndrome, burnout cycles, or career dilemmas, I help you simplify the chaos into achievable steps.  Together, we look at the areas where you feel stuck and design an alternative possibility that makes your heart sing.  Most of our time, however, is spent on the practices themselves.  I blend meditation, somatic practices, journaling and research in a custom design meant to help you move towards your dreams. 


While I use multiple modalities for coaching, the foundation is mindfulness.  We create a confidential space with presence, mutual respect, and trust.  We explore deeper questions about leading in a fast-changing world.  As a Korean-American-Canadian woman living in Europe, I welcome clients from diverse backgrounds and countries who want a coach with a diversity mindset and a strong grasp of high-performing organizations.  You can read more about my professional experience and certifications at the About Me page.


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Erica Kim

Nancy has a gift for facilitating discussions that cultivate honest self-reflection and growth. She’s skilled at offering new perspectives and frameworks of thinking while creating safe spaces for folks of varying backgrounds to engage and be fully present with one another. Her Inner Confidence workshop is designed thoughtfully and delivered with care, and I am sincerely grateful for the experience.

Erica Kim, Ed.M

Director of Strategy, VisionPoint Marketing

My experience with the Millennial Executive coaching program was phenomenal! Nancy helped focus my growth and personal development. It was the perfect balance of accountability, challenge, and perspective. She helped give the outside perspective that grounded the work I had done and pushed me into areas and frameworks to help me continue on the right path of actualization.

Gene Lee, MBA

Director, Nike Digital Globalization Ops
Matt Abbott

A thoughtful and customized coaching engagement grounded in the client’s core needs, micro and macro. Nancy is present, prepared, and adaptive. She works simultaneously across multiple learning modalities, supporting video calls with notes, readings, and exercises.

Matt Abbott, MBA

Sustainability Development Manager, Alta Terra


Zillennials: The Leaders We Need for a Changing World

Zillennials: The Leaders We Need for a Changing World

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Cross-Cultural Skills

Cross-Cultural Skills

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On Holistic Leadership

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