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Remembering a TV legend, a true pioneer, and a radically original content creator who might be the best example of healthy leadership that we have. - Dear Mister Rogers, - 18 years ago on this very day, you passed away from stomach cancer. When the news hit the screen, I remember feeling personally devastated because you were one of

Okay. Let's talk about Feedback. In preparation for this blog post, I have interviewed my email newsletter readers (you should join this amazing group of leaders here), I have consulted my executive coach, and I have practiced different ways of giving and receiving feedback over the last few weeks. So here are my thoughts on

I have been thinking about Domino Effects for a few months now, especially after watching Trevor' Noah’s powerful speech. I started to see it everywhere around me at work. One thing that a senior leader says in a meeting tips a domino, which leads to another domino, and creates a wave across the organization. Right now, a lot of those waves

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