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To positively contribute to the #StopAsianHate movement happening right now, I would like to share my own experiences as an Asian-American with the intention of creating more awareness and empathy for the hyphenated Asian community. I don't have all the answers on how to solve racism and Asian discrimination. But I do have a voice

Despite what you are told growing up, there is no playbook for how you should live your life. There's simply choice and the meaning you give to each choice. Does this sound terrifying to you? It shouldn't! If you let this soak in, you realize there are infinite ways in which you can choose to

Despite our best attempt to compartmentalize work and personal life to be "professional", we often see that these lines blur. The year-long pandemic, world events, and the evolution of work culture have all contributed to more casual, open, and flat workplaces. With this evolution, we are starting to see our humanness more exposed at work.

Millennial Executive.

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