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A 10-Minute Gratitude Meditation Worth Doing

Set a timer for 10 minutes.

Close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position.

Now take some time to visualize one person, alive or dead, who helped you in a meaningful way to become who you are now and get to where you are today. Think about the people who always wanted what was best for you, who truly cared about you, and who supported you no matter what. Thank them for getting you to this point. And imagine them telling you how proud they are of you. And let them say that without any resistance or shame.

Sit in this experience and feel it fully. Immerse yourself in it.

When your timer goes off, open your eyes slowly. And try to keep that feeling in your heart the rest of the day.

If you found this experience helpful, I would recommend you try different kinds of loving-kindness meditation. But frankly, I think the meditation above is an effective and accessible way to do it too.


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