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A Running List of Self-Care Products That Work

Why am I writing this? Because I think self-care needs to be a bigger priority for everyone in 2021 so that we stay healthy and sane. There are tools and products that can support our self-care goals so it doesn’t just become another “to do”. I think investing in some of these tools can help you get more benefits during this time than without anything.

As some of you know, I am working on making self-care a daily habit
Along the way, I’m investing in products that can meaningfully help me do this. The list below is a running list of things that are working for me.

Disclaimer: I’m not making any affiliate money by promoting these products. I’m also not a health expert. So use these suggestions as you wish! I just thought it might help someone out there.


Shoulder Massage Device ($49.99-$100+)

I’m using the LifeGoods Shiatsu Massage device (from Bol.com which is European) but you can find a huge range of well-reviewed products online. I use this multiple times a week to manage my knots.

Tennis Balls ($5-10)

An inexpensive way to relieve tension is by lying on tennis balls placed on a part of your body that is tight. I first learned about this technique at a yoga class and have become hooked ever since. I have a minimum of two tennis balls at my house and incorporate it into my stretching. Read more here on tennis ball techniques.

Iron Mind Egg ($19.95)

This was gifted to me by a friend who is always in the know on the next big thing. At first, I was confused by what this was but I can’t stop using it! It’s meant to help strengthen hand grip, help with carpel tunnel, and for me is a great thing to pick up when I’m stressed or in deep thought.

Luxury Scented Candles ($50+)

Before COVID-19, I would have never dreamed of spending this much money on a candle. But most drug store candles don’t smell great to me. A friend of mine gifted me this Dyptique candle for my birthday and it’s been game-changing for me. I love how they smell and also the vibe they give my place. Another friend told me she uses them for showers and baths to create a spa-like relaxing feeling. I have to say, it’s really nice.

Hula Hoop ($15+)

I know this sounds weird, but having a Hula Hoop is a cheap solution to stress and has great health benefits. It makes you feel a childlike glee to do it, it’s good for your core muscles and back, and it’s also great for doing stretching exercises. I do this while I’m watching a Netflix show or as a warm-up to my bigger workout.

Watercolor Painting ($20+)

I find watercolor painting to be more forgiving than other types of art and very therapeutic. There are tons of watercolor painting kits on Amazon that are affordable and can be added to your morning or evening routine to clear the mind.


Face Roller ($12+)

This is for the ladies and the fellows who are working on their skin game during quarantine. I’m loving my face roller, which stimulates blood flow and de-puffs certain parts of my face. I like doing this after I use a deeply hydrating serum or face mask. It’s really relaxing to do after a long day.

Korean Face Sheet Masks ($3+)

My favorite sheet mask is from Dr. Jart+ which are available at Sephora and many online retailers. There are a lot of excellent Korean mask options and frankly Korean skin care products in general are worth looking into. The price:value is unbeatable.


Cozy Loungewear ($20+)

You know how they say you should “dress for the job you want”? That’s not great advice but let’s use it in our favor: dress for the MOOD you want. For me, cozy loungewear helps me feel more relaxed at home. Uniqlo has a great selection of comfortable and affordable loungewear. A friend gifted me the Skims bath robe which is my new guilty pleasure to wear around the house. It’s so soft! Pair this with a good book, candles, and music and you’ve got yourself a staycation at home.

sad lamp

SAD LAMP ($50-$140)

Seasonal Affective Disorder is that depression that creeps up during winter months when we don’t get enough sunlight. I finally caved and I do find that it helps my mood. Here’s a list of options.

Journal ($10+)

I use the Heart Talk journal but I’ve also enjoyed daily Gratitude journals. Sometimes I use it in the morning to start my day with the right mindset, but most of the time I do it in the evening as I’m winding down. I like these topic-based journals over blank page journals because it helps me focus on a practice, whether it’s being more thankful or practicing more self-care.


Weighted Blanket ($49+)

Last year, I participated in a medical sleep test that revealed I wasn’t getting enough deep sleep. Since then, I have been trying different solutions for better sleep. I’ve been using this weighted blanket (5kg) for a few months and I do think it helps me fall asleep faster and stay asleep. Read more about weighted blankets here.

Aromatherapy Diffuser ($20+)

Lavendar aromatherapy knocks me out like nothing else will. I have a diffuser next to my bed that also acts as a humidifier and thereby offers multiple benefits for a low cost.

Oura Ring ($314)

This ring was recommended to me by multiple people who monitor and optimize their sleep. As someone who has a lot of trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, I have found this ring game-changing in my ability to understand my sleep readiness and sleep quality. The depth of data and insights have been better in my experience than the Apple Watch and some paid sleep tracking apps I’ve tried. Highly recommend so you can start to experiment and measure what is most effective for you to have a good night’s rest.

I’m open to other suggestions you have as well, as long as you will vouch for it. Shoot ideas and suggestions worth spreading to themillennialexec@gmail.com.

Thanks and may the force be with you,


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