Nancy Choi

I have navigated a 15+ year dynamic career path from Wall Street to Advertising to Silicon Valley to Sports.  Working closely with C-suite executives, investors, technologists, and creatives, I accelerated quickly at big-name brands.


What I learned the hard way is that there’s always a cost to rapid growth.  Ten years ago, I had a burnout.  I decided to leave a successful Tech job to take a step back and rediscover my purpose.  This led to a profound journey into nature, mindfulness, and inner work.  It was a pivotal moment of re-framing my perspective on success and well-being.


As a second-generation Asian-American, I’ve hustled hard, shouldering responsibilities without a safety net.  I’ve since learned the importance of making choices that are aligned to who I am and that allow me to contribute to the world from a resourced place.  Now, I guide high-performers to define success on their terms and navigate their leadership and career journeys with more inner alignment.


Today, I am a Millennial Executive at a Fortune 500 company and a certified coach committed to shaping a better future.  I specialize in transformations, high-impact communication, executive presence, purposeful leadership, strategic planning, career transitions, and inclusive cultures.


Outside of coaching, I enjoy traveling around Europe, where I live with my adopted cat.  I also love indulging in home-cooked meals with friends and family, practicing yoga and regular exercise, and exploring creative spaces to get inspiration.  I volunteer some of my free time towards inclusivity initiatives and Gen Z mentorship, as I believe in sharing resources equitably for a better world.


Let’s embark on a transformative journey towards your goals together.  I can’t wait to learn more about your story.

Trainings & Certifications
Search Inside Yourself Course (2011),
New Ventures West Foundations of Coaching (2021),
Mindful Self-Compassion Intensive (2022),
New Ventures West Integral Development Coaching Certificate (2023)

Millennial Executive.

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