Nancy Choi Millennial Executive

Here’s the real story that isn’t visible in my resumé.  

In my late twenties, I had a burnout.  From the outside, I had attained all of my goals and had a picture-perfect life and job.  I had recently left Google to join a tech scale-up on their executive team.  I had great relationships and a comfortable life.  But I didn’t know who I was outside of being a high-performer.


What happened?  As a second-generation Asian-American, I grew up with an early belief that I needed to hustle to “succeed” without receiving any help from others.  I worked harder than anyone else I knew and ended up having amazing career experiences.  But my rapid progression and success came at a cost: my health declined and I felt disconnected from my heart.


My burnout sent me on a profound quest for true happiness and identity.  I took a sabbatical and immersed myself in nature, meditation, and inner work.  For the first time, I was able to connect with the deepest part of me and develop a healthier relationship with my ego-mind.  I realized that life is about choices so I made different kinds of choices that felt right for me.


That was 10 years ago and the journey continues.  After leaving the Tech industry, I developed as a values-driven leader and am now a Millennial Executive at a Fortune 100 company.  During the pandemic, I had a realization that the old leadership playbook does not work in our fast-paced modern world.  We need a more inclusive, adaptive, and conscious leadership playbook that meets the needs of our fast-changing world today.  It’s ultimately people, supported by technology and strong strategies, that truly move the world forward towards positive change… not the other way around.


That insight led me to coaching.  I help leaders operate from their full potential and find a deeper connection with themselves, others, and the world.  I now see that that’s what enables change at scale.  I received my coaching certification to expand my ability to lead and help other leaders transform their way of Being, and I now work with leaders all over the world.


My areas of expertise include personal transformations, high-impact communication, executive presence, leadership effectiveness, strategic planning, team vision and mission, culture of belonging, career transitions, and mindful stress reduction.


In my free time, you’ll find me cycling around the canals of Amsterdam, doing yoga or pilates, traveling around Europe, or enjoying a meal with loved ones.  I also actively contribute to DEI initiatives and mentorship, and believe in sharing resources more equitably in the world.

Trainings & Certifications
Search Inside Yourself Course (2011),
Foundations of Coaching (2021),
Mindful Self-Compassion Intensive (2022),
Integral Development Coaching Certificate (2023)

Millennial Executive.

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