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Search Inside Yourself Mindfulness Course (2011)

ThirdSpace / New Ventures West Foundations of Coaching (2021)

Mindful Self-Compassion Intensive (2022)

ThirdSpace / New Ventures West ICF-Accredited Coaching Certification (2023)

Here’s the real story that isn’t visible in my resumé.  

In my late twenties, I attained all of my goals and had a picture-perfect life and job.  I had recently left Google to join a tech scale-up on their executive team.  I was engaged and had everything I needed to live comfortably.  And then I had a burnout.


What happened?  As a second-generation Asian-American, I grew up with an early belief that I needed to hustle to succeed without receiving any help from others.  I worked harder than anyone else I knew and ended up having amazing career experiences.  But my rapid progression and success came at a cost: my health declined and I felt disconnected from my authentic self.  I didn’t know who I was outside of my achievements.


My burnout sent me on a profound quest for true happiness and identity.  I took a sabbatical and immersed myself in nature, meditation, and inner work.  Over time, I was able to connect with the deepest part of me and develop a healthier relationship with my ego-mind.  I realized that life is about choices and I could choose whatever I wanted next.  Slowly, I re-built a life that was more aligned to my values and what really matters to me.  I hired a coach to help me step into that possibility with accountability.


That was 10 years ago and the journey continues. After getting back into corporate, I have been leading more consciously, steering innovative initiatives while maintaining healthy team cultures.  I am now a senior leader at a Fortune 100 company and a coach based in Europe.  While I have spent over a decade in digital transformation work, I now see that most ideas fail over time if people aren’t truly behind it.  Unlocking human transformation is more complex and fulfilling, and my curiosity around human behavioral change is what got me into coaching.


I founded ‘Millennial Executive’ to mobilize leaders who want to move the world forward with less suffering and more joy.  My areas of expertise include team and leadership effectiveness, strategic and systems thinking, culture of belonging (DEI), career transitions, high-impact communications, and purpose and culture transformations.


In my free time, you’ll find me cycling around the canals of Amsterdam, traveling around Europe, or having a glass of wine at home with my partner and cat.

Millennial Executive.

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