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Year of Dragon

Abundance Mindset: Year of the Dragon

My experience with abundance:

I grew up in an immigrant family with parents who moved from Seoul, South Korea to Seattle, Washington (USA) to create greater opportunities for themselves and their future children. Hustle was a way of life. My parents worked various side jobs to pay the bills while they put themselves through graduate school. My grandmother, a survivor of a war and several invasions in her childhood, was my primary caretaker while my parents were rarely at home. The stories I heard growing up were about the importance of women playing small, putting others first, working hard in the home, and playing it safe. It came with the best of intentions — to protect me — but it programmed me to have a scarcity mindset from a young age. It has taken me years to reprogram my mind with the help of therapy, mindfulness practices, and supportive friendships and mentors.

A scarcity mindset is not something we are born with. It is learned and programmed when we are young and growing up in challenging situations.

Here are some ways it shows up:

  1. Fear of limited resources: There’s a constant concern about having enough food, clothes, or opportunities for education and advancement. There’s a relentless focus on saving and protecting resources.
  2. Competitive outlook: Because of a lack of opportunities in the environment, peers are seen as rivals competing for limited resources. Hard work ethic is often driven by fear.
  3. Risk aversion: Children in these environments hesitate to take risks. It is a privilege they cannot afford. They prioritize security and stability instead, limiting their potential for personal fulfillment and growth.
  4. Limited Aspirations: Children in these environments are taught to take what they are given and not ask for more. Success is reserved for those who have resources, sponsorship or status. The rest of us should be thankful for what we get.

When I look around at our capitalistic society today, I see that it is dominated by a scarcity mentality. There is an inherent belief that there’s not enough to go around. This has profound implications on how we see each other, our value in this system, and who makes the cut.

In this Year of the Dragon, I believe we have an opportunity to reprogram our individual and collective mindset to be about Abundance. Cultivating an abundance mindset is a transformative practice that can lead to greater fulfillment for more people. At its core, an abundance mindset is that there are enough resources, opportunities and successes for everyone. That your success doesn’t come at the expense of mine.

What does an abundance mindset look like in practice?

  1. Gratitude and Appreciation: Most of us can cultivate a deeper gratitude and appreciation for what we already have. We often focus on what we lack, but we have so much to be thankful for. Whether it’s our relationships, talents or opportunities right in front of us, it’s important that we shift our perspective and open ourselves up to the possibilities of today.
  2. Optimism: While it feels incredibly hard right now, abundance mindset is about approaching life with a positive outlook about the future. We focus on the goodness in humanity and our ability to learn from our mistakes. We remember our resilience in the face of darkness and attract partnership to create a better future.
  3. Collaboration and Generosity: Rather than comparing ourselves with others, we support and celebrate the success of others. We find opportunities to help others and lift them up. We find ways to partner with like-minded changemakers.
  4. Dreams and Excellence: Embracing an abundance mindset empowers more of us to pursue our dreams with courage and conviction. All of us have a zone of excellence that lights us up and allows us to bring our gifts into the world. Consider this your nudge to believe in yourself and push the boundaries of what’s possible.
  5. Resourcefulness & Adaptability: We all face adversity in our lifetimes. When we believe in abundance, we approach challenges with resourcefulness and confidence, knowing that we have the inner strength and creativity to overcome the obstacles.

Cultivating an abundance mindset is a powerful practice that can enrich every aspect of your life. When you start to embody Abundance, you give permission to others to do the same.

May this Year of the Dragon be the year you step into your abundant possibilities.

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