A few months ago, I sent a reader survey about your experiences with mentorship and a few of you responded. I’ll share your responses below, as well as my own experience with mentorship.   👉🏼 My Experience with Mentors  What hasn’t worked: I’ve tried 3 formal mentorship programs in the past, where you sign up and get assigned

Lately, the Universe has been sending me a message loud and clear. And the message is this: “Believe.” Stay with me. I’ve been getting it from so many angles. For instance…  TV Show I’m loving - Ted Lasso: My favorite show right now is Ted Lasso (Apple+ TV). And the one thing Ted Lasso sticks on the locker room wall

Wayfinding is a concept that my executive coach recently explained to me and that clicked instantly with me. Read below for more.  ⛵️ On Wayfinding While Navigation is much more about optimizing the fastest or most efficient path to where you need to go, Wayfinding is more exploratory and directional. Wayfinding is a process of orienting, knowing the

The best definition of productivity that I’ve heard is this: it is a deep alignment between what you do and what matters to you. Put another way, it’s about doing the things that matter and de-prioritizing things that derail you or don’t contribute to your priorities. Surprisingly, de-prioritization is something a lot of leaders struggle with

Over the last year, as the pandemic disrupted our lives many of us have been re-organizing our routines, habits, and lifestyle to adjust to remote work, etc. In that period, you may have had to form new habits and if you’re like me also re-train yourself to have discipline for things like self-care, working out

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