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Ruth Oh Reitmeier is a Leadership Coach, Consultant and Speaker at Rice University Ruth's Top Values Empathy Transparency Creating Beauty and Order How I know Ruth Ruth leads the leadership coaching program at Rice University to help students (undergrad+) develop and hone their leadership core competency skills earlier in their careers.  We first got connected over our shared grief of rising

Kamauri Yeh is the Vice President of Global Women’s Brand Creative at Nike   Kam's Top Values Respect Human Leadership Care  How I know Kam "Dream" in Korean Kam and I were introduced last year via text message by a colleague, as two “honest and strong voices” who should connect… and I couldn’t be more thankful for the introduction. Lately, Kam and I have

Ambika Pai is the Chief Strategy Officer at Mekanism  Ambika's Top Values Intuition Authenticity Inclusion  How I know Ambika Ambika and I met in our very first job out of college at an advertising agency in Chicago.  As ambitious 23 year-old children of immigrants and women of color, Ambika and I used to have long existential conversations about the unanswered questions

Nic Maisano is the Founder & Managing Director at Effortless Labs and Partner at Cultivating Leadership  Nic's Top Values Love Optimization Meaning  How I know Nic I met Nic 10 years ago on our first day of orientation as full-time employees at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, CA.  Back then, Nic said he left a successful career in management consultant to

There's no point in denying it: I have been feeling angry these last few months. Most of my anger has been towards acts of racism and discrimination towards Asians, but also towards the ambivalence and lukewarm attention this topic has been getting in media and on social. I know I'm not alone, but being angry

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