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I’m getting ready to take a mini-sabbatical in mid-September.  I call it ‘mini’ because it’s only 5-weeks and I consider a proper sabbatical to be 6-12 months.  I’ll be back full of stories and new experiences from Bali and Northern Thailand in October and take a break from the newsletter (and most digital things) until

As some of you know, alongside coaching I’m also a corporate leader at a Fortune 100 company.  These two parallel paths have given me a lot of perspective on what leadership should, could and actually does look like.  If I’m being honest, the reality of leadership today is incredibly complex and nuanced - and I

Something that has come up a lot lately with my clients at every level of seniority has been the feeling of lacking balance in their lives. When this topic comes up, we inevitably end up talking about a concept called Body Budget (credit to Lisa Feldman Barrett, Ph.D). Essentially, your mind constantly budgets the energy in your

This post is inspired by “Foundations 1, 2, 3, 4” from Krista Tippett (Web | Apple | Spotify) The predominant narrative of this year has been noticeably marked by catastrophe, dysfunction and antagonising the “other” side - and technology has poured jet fuel on these sentiments. It’s worth acknowledging that many of these stories and experiences are

The best definition of productivity that I’ve heard is this: it is a deep alignment between what you do and what matters to you. Put another way, it’s about doing the things that matter and de-prioritizing things that derail you or don’t contribute to your priorities. Surprisingly, de-prioritization is something a lot of leaders struggle with

Over the last year, as the pandemic disrupted our lives many of us have been re-organizing our routines, habits, and lifestyle to adjust to remote work, etc. In that period, you may have had to form new habits and if you’re like me also re-train yourself to have discipline for things like self-care, working out

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