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Choosing Rational Optimism

✨ On Rational Optimism ✨

Hi friends,

It’s that time of the year. The time to wind down, reflect on the past year, and think about how to stay sane in the next year. And watch lots of Harry Potter / Lord of the Rings / Home Alone. Otherwise known as December.

And during this time, if there’s one little thing that I can contribute to your process, it’s this: to choose rational optimism.

Rational optimism is about having a realistic picture of the current picture while maintaining a positive outlook for the future. It’s about holding to polarities with both hands. Let’s be honest, the current reality isn’t sunshine and rainbows. Yes, we have a lot to be grateful about but it’s also been a tough year too with no tangible end in sight with the spread of new variants and restrictions. And yet… the future is brighter than ever, if we allow ourselves to truly believe it. Because what we choose to focus on and the little steps we take each day towards that better future are the things that really matter.

So make next year a tiny bit better than this year with rational optimism. Make that your goal. Find ways to improve your health (mental, physical, spiritual), your important relationships (incl. with yourself), your work impact, and your contribution to others. One foot in front of the other, y’all.

👉🏼 If you want help maximizing your next year ahead, I’m at your service in a few ways as I expand Millennial Executive…

#1 – Executive Coaching: If you’ve gotten really far in your career but aren’t feeling like you’re learning, growing, or mastering new skills anymore to operate at the next level in today’s environment of fast-paced change, this is for you. In my personal time, I’ve been building a custom database synthesizing tons of research, techniques from top coaching programs and apps, digital transformation best practices, and leadership experiments covering over 25+ topics relevant in the future workplace (e.g. personal KPI’s, leadership habit formation, personal branding, change management, mindful leadership, work optimization tools, etc). I’ll be taking a limited number of clients next year for personalized access to these insights, customized to your goals and delivered to you in a digestible manner through 1:1 sessions.

#2 – Career Coaching / 1:1 Mentorship: Feeling stuck or wanting more fulfillment in your career? Let’s get you un-stuck! I help you with decisions around navigating your career path, personal branding in the job market, and up-skilling opportunities… tapping into my own experiences and network at some of the top organizations in the world.

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