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Erica, Ed.M

Director of Strategy, VisionPoint Marketing

"Nancy has a true gift for coaching. She cultivates safe spaces to look inward with honesty and discover more about oneself in a way that pushes them forward toward their goals. I experienced meaningful growth throughout our coaching engagement and have grown into a more expansive version of myself with greater tools to draw upon in my personal life, leadership, and career."


Anita, EMBA

Executive Director of Strategy, McKinney

"Nancy is a true wonder, and has been a game changer in my leadership journey. It’s not easy navigating corporate spaces as a woman or person of color. Especially if corporate culture valorizes the traits and values that are diametrically opposed to what your family or culture valorizes. It’s been incredible to work with Nancy — as a leader, as a woman, and as an Asian American — and to recognize how to flex into unfamiliar spaces while honoring the unique value I bring. Appreciate you and so proud of all the moves you’re making! Way to bring the Asian American person into marketing, coaching and leadership."



CEO, Heart & Hustle Consultancy

"Nancy facilitated an inspirational and empowering mini goal-setting workshop at the Sisterhood event of Hustle & Heart Consultancy. She was immediately able to create a safe and inclusive space, by her calm, professional and kind presence. In just a short amount of time she was able to guide the group through meaningful insights and they walked out of the workshop motivated to act towards their dreams, goals and ambitions. We will definitely work with Nancy and the Millennial Executive again."

Millennial Executive.

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