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On Belief

Lately, the Universe has been sending me a message loud and clear. And the message is this: “Believe.” Stay with me.

I’ve been getting it from so many angles. For instance… 

TV Show I’m loving – Ted Lasso:

My favorite show right now is Ted Lasso (Apple+ TV). And the one thing Ted Lasso sticks on the locker room wall of his (European) football team is a sign that says “Believe” (read more here). It is one of the team coach’s main tenets. If you watch the show, you see that the coach is a different kind of team leader in the sports world. He doesn’t buy-in to bullying, shame, or inner circle dynamics. Instead, he honors trust, integrity, team spirit, and good naturedness at the top of his list for the team culture. And it starts with believing in each other more and having more optimism / hope towards the world. 

Health App I’m using – Noom:

I have been interested in holistic wellness lately and spending a lot of time exploring interesting solutions out there. Right now, I’m trying out Noom, a weight loss app that helps you build healthy habits holistically for weight loss. I’ve been really enjoying it so far as a personalized wellness tool. In the first module, they tell you that the first step to it is simply believing that one can achieve one’s goals. That nothing is possible without that genuine belief in oneself. And you know what? They’re absolutely right. 

Last week, a coach told me that everything starts with what we believe. 

The stories that we tell ourselves matter so much in determining our happiness. What we say about our selves, our potential, and our broader purpose. So one of the most important parts of growth and self-development is actually making sure the story we choose to believe is one that gets us genuinely excited to live out.

I’ll stop here, but you get the gist. Belief is an incredibly powerful tool and a critical first step in creating new results for yourself. So what are you choosing to believe in today?
👉🏼 My challenge to you this week: Believe in yourself, believe in the good in others, and believe that you will have an incredible life story that you get to live everyday. 

💆🏻‍♀️  My Self-Care checklist score this week: 70%. Birthday week 🎂 

Yours Truly,


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