Executive Coaching

An exclusive space to elevate your game, build new visionary strategies, re-program limiting behaviors, and expand your effectiveness.

Career Coaching

An experimental space to fuel your growth, enhance your performance, and navigate change with clarity and confidence.

Team Coaching & Workshops

A safe space to shape new strategies, identify new ways of working, and spark inspiration and connection with assessment tools.

What are the benefits from working together?

I help leaders, teams and organizations unlock more purpose, performance and impact through action-oriented coaching.  How?  I offer custom leadership development programs and strategic planning for a clearer purpose, a roadmap to get there, and tangible outcomes for success.  Think of me as a Coach, Strategist and Chief Purpose Officer all in one. 

MX Services Ingredients

Here are examples of benefits and results you will experience:

  • Mindset shift to reach peak performance
  • Improved habits to elevate your game
  • Confidence in your vision and plan for success
  • Enhanced leadership skills, tools and techniques
  • Deeper meaning and connection in your life and work
  • Accountability and a safe space to experiment and learn


In addition to my coaching certification, I bring my 15+ years of operating experience on 7 different senior leadership teams at the world’s best companies across Tech, Retail and Advertising to help you navigate your work environment with more ease and skill.


Who is this coaching best suited for?

Ideal for those who…

  • Care about building positive solutions for the world and planet
  • Have mastered the fundamentals of leadership and are ready to elevate their game
  • Thrive on learning and experimenting
  • Are self-motivated and committed to the journey


Additional context:

Executive Coaching: Senior Director+ / VP / CEO / COO / CSO / CMO / CPO / Founder

Career Coaching: High Potential Sr. Manager / Director+ with 7 years+ of full-time work experience

Teams: High Potential teams who need strategy, change leadership, or high performance coaching


Despite the name of my business, I do not exclusively work with Millennials.


What’s my style of coaching?

Adaptive, evidence-based, and transformative.  I create a safe, fun and compassionate space for exploration while providing tough love when needed.  As a generalist, I draw from a rich library of tools spanning business, strategy, mindfulness, leadership, and high performance.


What is the actual offering?

For individuals, I offer 6-month and 12-month packages and we meet bi-weekly with homework in-between.  For teams, I offer workshops and custom packages.  All of my programs have clear documentation and materials with lifetime access.



Pricing is discussed once we’ve agreed on the best package for you.  I reserve a spot with an inclusive pricing option for financial accessibility.  This is in-line with my values of inclusiveness and closing the privilege gap in the workplace.



Selina, Founder of Forward Transformation

I attended an empowering goal-setting workshop for women, led by Nancy. Nancy provided a unique and safe space for self-reflection, layered with insightful guidance, actionable techniques, and motivational encouragement. The experience encouraged me to challenge my limitations and pursue my dreams with newfound clarity and confidence. I walked away with a sense of community and wholeheartedly recommend Millennial Executive workshops to any woman looking to unlock her potential and set goals without boundaries.


Director, Park City Community Foundation

Working with Nancy has been life-changing. I came into this coaching experience burnt out and unclear of what to do next, but knowing that a change was needed. With Nancy's guidance, I was able to create space and start to align my professional life with my values and life priorities. Outside of her help navigating a career shift, Nancy's approach also provided me with various tools that will continue to serve me for the rest of my life. I am so grateful that I decided to make this investment in myself and would highly recommend the same for anyone who is feeling ready for a change or growth in their career.

joe phillips


COO, Odd Kin Coffee

"Nancy has really helped both my career and work life balance. Creating a holistic, sustainable approach to life and business has enriched my life and those in it who are important to me. Nancy’s approach is a beautiful blend of friendliness complimented by an underlying assertiveness. Each session felt really progressive and Nancy was always really well prepared, giving evidence based feedback and creating an environment that really felt bespoke to my needs."


Founder of WhyWhisper & COO

"Nancy creates a safe space for self-exploration, gently encouraging clients to identify what's holding them back while designing and implementing healthy everyday practices. She is a deeply caring soul with an inherent recognition of the many factors contributing to an individual's identity and challenges. Coming out of the confidence workshop, I feel validated in my experience as a woman, motivated to maintain practices that nurture my sense of self, and even more aware that many of my struggles can be alleviated by the narrative I tell myself, the choice of who I surround myself with, and the activities where I spend the majority of my time."


Erica, Ed.M

Director of Strategy, VisionPoint Marketing

"Nancy has a gift for facilitating discussions that cultivate honest self-reflection and growth. She's skilled at offering new perspectives and frameworks of thinking while creating safe spaces for folks of varying backgrounds to engage and be fully present with one another. Her Inner Confidence workshop is designed thoughtfully and delivered with care, and I am sincerely grateful for the experience."

Ellen Eastaugh


Associate Director of Strategy, TBWA

"Nancy is an insightful, gently inquisitive coach pulling from a breadth of methods to help unlock new perspectives and approaches to life. I left every session mulling over something I hadn't considered before, or motivated to tackle obstacles I hadn't realized were standing in my way. I feel like my capacity for understanding my inner world has expanded, and with that, my capacity for understanding others."

Gene Lee

Gene, MBA

Director, Nike Digital Globalization Ops

"My experience with the Millennial Executive coaching program was phenomenal! Nancy helped focus my growth and personal development. It was the perfect balance of accountability, challenge, and perspective. She helped give the outside perspective that grounded the work I had done and pushed me into areas and frameworks to help me continue on the right path of actualization."

Matt Abbott

Matt, MBA

Senior Manager, Corporate Sustainability at VF Corporation

"Nancy is grounded, thoughtful, and highly invested in her coaching practice. She is excellent at balancing a high performer's need for progress while introducing realms of intuitional and emotional growth. Her coaching is a thoughtful combination of mental models, lenses, and constructs coupled with grounded daily and weekly practices. I think there are a number of coaching modalities that attempt this and Nancy's approach is more simple, thoughtful, and enduring."

Millennial Executive.

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