Executive Coaching

For executives looking to refine their leadership presence, navigate complex dynamics, build stronger relationships, enhance their communication skills, and drive organizational change with confidence. Key results include leadership effectiveness, a more fulfilling career, stronger relationships, and uplift in business outcomes. Format is 1:1 confidential coaching.

Career Coaching

For mid-senior leaders exploring a career change that better aligns with their values, priorities, and Zone of Genius. Instead of refining your resume, I help you uncover your unique strengths, craft your career narrative, and identify ideal career choices. Key results include more clarity in your North Star, more confidence in navigating career transitions, and an authentic career story to share in conversations and interviews. Format is 1:1 or group coaching.


For startups, teams and organizations who want to develop a strong company culture while navigating disruptive change. I am an inspirational speaker who has spoken in front of thousands of executives and talent in Tech, Retail, and ERG's in informal and formal settings. My speeches are customized to each audience, but some examples of previous topics include: Reprogramming Your Mindset; Radiating Abundance in a Scarcity Market; Holistic Goal-Setting; Modern Leadership; Inclusive Cultures; Discovering Your Zone of Genius.

Group Workshops

For startups, teams and organizations who want to develop a strong company culture and lasting connection for teams. I have facilitated intimate small group sessions for team bonding, Strengths Finder, Enneagram, and Leadership Assimilation topics. I have also facilitated large group sessions on key career and leadership areas of development. My workshop programs are developed bespoke in partnership with the sponsor to meet the needs of the team.


Here are some examples of past clients who have loved working together… 

  • Seasoned executives who want to learn new skills and evolve their leadership brand in the modernized workplace
  • Founders who want to develop themselves and their team to lead a dynamic business with trust, confidence and skillfulness
  • Team leaders who want to build a strong and lasting team culture
  • Ambitious mid-level managers who feel stuck and want to grow in their career
  • Experienced professionals who want a career change and lack clarity on the best direction


The common denominator is that you must have a Growth Mindset to embark on this journey!

This will feel like having a grounding and confidential conversation with a trusted friend over a warm cup of tea.  I create a safe, supportive, and mindful environment for you to feel seen, inspired, and empowered.  When you walk out of a session, sometimes you’ll be ready to tackle the world and other times you’ll be in deep reflection.  Either way, I meet you where you are while guiding you towards your intended outcomes.

I design bespoke development experiences for clients.  Intended outcomes and goals are clearly defined with each client to ensure we can measure progress.


Examples of coaching topics with previous clients:

  • Career Strategy: crafting a career narrative and direction that fulfills you
  • Leadership in Complexity: leading skillfully through complex times
  • Stronger Leadership Skills: e.g. communication, influence, org dynamics
  • Executive Presence: embodying the values of your organization with confidence
  • High-Impact Communication: expanding your impact in conversations, negotiations and presentations with senior executives and partners
  • Fulfillment: connecting to deeper meaning and a sense of your purpose
  • Change Management: navigating changes in your work with more grace
  • Self-Leadership: habits and tools that allow you to regulate and manage yourself

1:1 sessions will usually be 1-hour bi-weekly sessions with documentation and homework.  Typical commitment is 3-6 months.


Group sessions can be one-off or a series of sessions, depending on your needs.


Speaking engagements are one-off and usually offered at events, ERG gatherings, conferences, and offsites.

Pricing is discussed once we’ve agreed on the best package for you.  I reserve one spot in 1:1 coaching for financial accessibility.  This is in-line with my values of inclusion.


Erica, Ed.M

Director of Strategy, VisionPoint Marketing

"Nancy has a true gift for coaching. She cultivates safe spaces to look inward with honesty and discover more about oneself in a way that pushes them forward toward their goals. I experienced meaningful growth throughout our coaching engagement and have grown into a more expansive version of myself with greater tools to draw upon in my personal life, leadership, and career."


Anita, EMBA

Executive Director of Strategy, McKinney

"Nancy is a true wonder, and has been a game changer in my leadership journey. It’s not easy navigating corporate spaces as a woman or person of color. Especially if corporate culture valorizes the traits and values that are diametrically opposed to what your family or culture valorizes. It’s been incredible to work with Nancy — as a leader, as a woman, and as an Asian American — and to recognize how to flex into unfamiliar spaces while honoring the unique value I bring. Appreciate you and so proud of all the moves you’re making! Way to bring the Asian American person into marketing, coaching and leadership."



CEO, Heart & Hustle Consultancy

"Nancy facilitated an inspirational and empowering mini goal-setting workshop at the Sisterhood event of Hustle & Heart Consultancy. She was immediately able to create a safe and inclusive space, by her calm, professional and kind presence. In just a short amount of time she was able to guide the group through meaningful insights and they walked out of the workshop motivated to act towards their dreams, goals and ambitions. We will definitely work with Nancy and the Millennial Executive again."


Director, Park City Community Foundation

"Working with Nancy has been life-changing. I came into this coaching experience burnt out and unclear of what to do next, but knowing that a change was needed. With Nancy's guidance, I was able to create space and start to align my professional life with my values and life priorities. Outside of her help navigating a career shift, Nancy's approach also provided me with various tools that will continue to serve me for the rest of my life. I am so grateful that I decided to make this investment in myself and would highly recommend the same for anyone who is feeling ready for a change or growth in their career."



Founder, Forward Transformation

"I wholeheartedly recommend Millennial Executive workshops to any woman looking to unlock her potential and set goals without boundaries. I attended an empowering goal-setting workshop for women, led by Nancy. The experience encouraged me to challenge my limitations and pursue my dreams with newfound clarity and confidence."

Gene Lee

Gene, MBA

Digital Globalization Ops Director, Nike

"My experience with the Millennial Executive coaching program was phenomenal! Nancy helped focus my growth and personal development. It was the perfect balance of accountability, challenge, and perspective. She helped give the outside perspective that grounded the work I had done and pushed me into areas and frameworks to help me continue on the right path of actualization."



Senior Business Manager, Visa

"Nancy strikes the perfect balance of being a compassionate listener whilst also delivering sometimes "hard-to-hear" observations about yourself, because she has the best intention to see you grow as part of coaching. She made me feel seen in a way that my closest friends and family don't see me, and she made me feel safe to share all of my thoughts with her. I'm grateful."



EMEA Stores Marketing, Nike

"I was lucky to attend a circle coaching session with Nancy. I really enjoyed her approach and I was surprised to observe quick results. I felt straight away her kindness and professionalism, and I am looking forward to have more talks with her!"

joe phillips


COO, Odd Kin Coffee

"Nancy has really helped both my career and work life balance. Creating a holistic, sustainable approach to life and business has enriched my life and those in it who are important to me. Nancy’s approach is a beautiful blend of friendliness complimented by an underlying assertiveness. Each session felt really progressive and Nancy was always really well prepared, giving evidence based feedback and creating an environment that really felt bespoke to my needs."



Brand Creative Manager, Nike

"Attending a group goal setting workshop hosted by Nancy was eye opening and refreshing. I left with a very fulfilling sense of self, understanding of my goals, how to align multiple priorities, and a clear view on how to cultivate good habits. I would recommend Nancy for not only 1:1 coaching but also for enlightening team sessions."

Millennial Executive.

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