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To serve emerging leaders in the practice of leading more mindfully in corporations of all sizes to ultimately drive high-performance and human impact.

Focus Areas include:

  • How to build trust and psychological safety in organizations
  • How to prioritize self-care and self-compassion as a leader
  • How to create a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging
  • How to communicate effectively and mindfully
  • How to bring out the best in others

The Logo:

The phoenix logo is a symbol for rising up and growing from each experience. With more Millennial leaders in the workplace, the logo symbolizes a new era of leadership that will integrate the best of the old leadership model with the best of the new.

Who This is Meant For:

People who see what I do: that the next frontier of transformation will be in workplace culture and leadership.

People who want to be part of the solution on the frontlines and pioneer new leadership best practices.

People who understand how the modern workplace is evolving and rather than fearing change, embrace change.

People who want to deliver positive impact through their work: in growing the business, in developing others to help them succeed, and in keeping our planet healthy.

People who are allies, coaches, mentors, and supporters of this cause. Your platform, your resources, and your voice matter. We can’t do this without you.

Some Basic Principles:

We are human beings deeply committed to transformation rather than surface-level change. In order to create transformation in the outside world, we start with transformation in our inner worlds. We face our demons, we fess up to our biases, and we don’t shy away from putting in the work to free ourselves from our own constraints. We stand for progress over perfection. We are honest and vulnerable about our journey. And we are a community that supports each other, rather than cancels each other.

The Work:

The ultimate vision is to create an open-source leadership model with practical tools, tested training materials, and a community of like-minded peers to ask questions to. This will be a multi-phased journey that builds over time.

Three Key Areas

Scaled Learnings

  • Leadership frameworks, concepts, practices, and thought-starters featured in the blog
  • Interviews with Millennial and Gen Z leaders on their lessons, advice, and practices

Shared Practice

  • A free email newsletter that documents my hands-on executive coaching process working with a best-in-class coach
  • Tools, practical exercises, and templates
  • A community to share practices and tips with

Mastery Training

  • Access to products and services that will help you perform at your best
  • Skills-focused leadership training for transformative leadership
  • Corporate learning and development trainings, toolkits, and workshops to help companies better develop their future leaders

Millennial Executive.

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