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Aligning Your Career With Your Zone of Genius

When someone is in their zone, you can tell: 

  • Their eyes light up.
  • They vibrate higher.
  • They are in a state of flow.

Compare this to the average employee:

  • They’re on auto-pilot.
  • They get things done but they’re not motivated.
  • They’re not fulfilled in what they do.

What’s the difference?

The first person is in their Zone of Genius, while the second person is likely in their Zone of Competence.

In “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks, there’s a framework that I love using in Career Coaching called the “Zone of Genius”.

In the Zone of Genius, you are doing work that you love so much that it doesn’t seem like work anymore.  You do the work in your own unique way and bring your unique touch to it.  No one can do it quite like you do.

In your Zone of Competence, you’re doing just fine.  You do work that others can do just as well or better than you, but you get the job done.  You do the job well, but you don’t really find it satisfying.

There’s another zone that is actually important to discuss:  The Zone of Excellence.  When you’re there, you are doing something that you consistently get good feedback on.  You do this better than most people – you’re actually quite excellent at it.  But it doesn’t fulfill you in the same way as your Zone of Genius.

If you feel like you’re doing fine in your career but you’re longing for something more, chances are you are not operating in your Zone of Genius yet.  And that’s when Career Coaching can really make a difference for you.

We unpack…

  • What fears and beliefs are holding you back
  • What your nervous system is holding onto sub-consciously that needs to be re-programmed
  • What kind of career paths can help you unleash your unique gifts and deeper purpose

There are a few questions you can ask your friends and colleagues to help you find clues about what you’re missing.

  • What am I doing or talking about when you experience me at my most energized or happy?
  • When do you experience me at my best and what is the exact thing I’m doing?
  • What consistently shows up in the room when I show up?
  • What would you miss most about my presence if I passed away?
  • What am I your go-to for?

Not everyone wants to operate in their Zone of Genius.  But if this is something that you long for, I would love to help you with this.  Nothing brings me more fulfillment than seeing someone make the big leap in their career towards their bigger purpose.

Are you ready to explore your Zone of Genius?  Schedule a call to get started.

Hi, I’m Nancy and I partner with mid-senior leaders and changemakers who are invested in solutions for positive change.  I offer custom leadership development programs, tools and practices, and deeper transformations to help them navigate their career with more purpose, effectiveness, and confidence.

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